Consumer Information

What color is it?: Light to dark mottled green with a feather-like appearance.

What is the story behind this gemstone?: Seraphinite is named for Seraphim, one of the highest angels from the Old Testament Book of Isaiah. The feathered-wing appearance reminded the first miners of angels wings, hence the name.

Can I wear it everyday?: Yes, it is a very tough gem material.

Is it expensive?: No. It is along the same price as a nice piece of carnelian or labradorite.

Is it a birthstone?: No.

What do I need to know before going shopping?:You may have to look around to find jewelry items that contain seraphinite in local jewelry stores. Although it is a well established gemstone it has only recently become very popular in the market.

General Information

Source: The Russian region of Siberia is the only known source for the finest quality seraphinite.

Chemical: (MgFe2)5 AL(Si3Al)O10 (OH)8....a rather long and convoluted chemical equation.

Formation: In massive formations.

Crystal System: N/A

Unusual Properties: Unique formation that appears like feathers when properly cut.

Other Names: Chlorite Jade (incorrect usage)

Amazing Gem and Mineral Museum


To learn more, Visit the Amazing Gem and Mineral Museum to see this and other seraphinite specimens.

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