Alexandrite Pulled


Synthetic: Pulled

Identification Tools Required: Magnification, Chelsea filter  

How to Identify: 

Primary Test: The pulled alexandrites are simply to flawless to be natural. The very nature of a chromium colored gemstone will lead to inclusions of some type. A totally flawless alexandrite is extremely rare, and the totally flawless nature of pulled gemstones, along with usual low price of the stones will be the most important initial consideration.

Secondary Tests: Just like the flux melt synthetic alexandrites, the spectroscope will help as the chromium lines will be very strong due to a high volume of Cr used in the synthesizing process. Also helpful will be the Chelsea filter as the red reaction is very strong due to the increased Cr levels. Color change is also important as the color change of synthetic alexandrite will be significantly different than most naturals. Too much in the green to purple, for more than the most rare of the natural alexandrites.

Repair and Setting: Based on this being a true synthetic alexandrite no special care is required other than would be used with a natural alexandrite. Not recommended for heating, but cleaning in ultrasonic should not be a problem.

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